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Hi! I am going to be doing a Subject Competition! What you have to do is guess the subject of the pictures. the closing date is the Saturday the 14th of March 2015 You are not allowed to search online! I cannot really monitor that but that is the rule, you are also not allowed to ask anyone else for neither their answer or for the correct answer!!!!!!!! Good LUCK! downloaddownload (1)download (2)imagesimages (1)images (2)


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Hello everyone it is Shannon1403 or you can call me Shannon just like “crazyconzo” mentioned in his blog. Speaking about “crazyconzo” he is in the same year as me and goes to the same school as me ,he also has a great blog! What he mainly bases it on is lego  ,games such as Minecraft. Believe it or not I have actually forgotten what he posts on his Epic blog!

I would really like more people to follow my blog and get more comments so I can add more interesting and non boring posts up on it. Some people may not be on WordPress but they can still access my blog by going to


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For the Archives

You can cover a lot of ground on a tiny, speck of an island, nestled in British Columbia’s Georgia Strait. One round-trip traverse found us at a lake, that led to a forest, where we found an abandoned cabin just a mile from the sea.

In our home on Hawaii, we see jungle, shells, and sea life every day, but these were all of a different clime. So interesting and beautiful!

I’ve got a real-live scrapbook in hand, making a collage of this recent summer trip. These photos are part of the archival sort. Just a little more from the BC Scrapbook.


2014-08-29_forest path


2014-08-29_red leaf

2014-08-29_G shell

2014-08-29_red starfish

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The forgotten cave

There was a cave that was forgotten and it really big with wonderful paintings and written messages that were there for a really really long time.The people who visited it were really sad, because they felt sorry for the people because the people who did the paintings were thier family.
There was loads and loads to do afterwards.

Made by Shannon Macpherson